binary option trading With its Moorish architecture, its wide gardens, jacuzzi, pool, palapa bar and amenities, Club El Moro is a perfect spot for visiting and enjoying the marina and harbor of beautiful La Paz.

La Paz: a city far away from the traffic, the noise and the crowd, with incomparable beautiful sunsets. Our city has museums, the "Culture House", theaters and much more to offer you. This city was established more than 460 years ago and built in Mexican colonial style beside the ocean. Here, history seems to come alive.

The surrounding waters of La Paz were first named the Berméjo Sea, due to their many moods filled with intense colors ranging from azure blue to blood red. La Paz received its modern name from Sebastian Vizcaino, who established his base in La Paz in 1596 while circumnavigating the peninsula on exploratory expeditions. It was during these daring adventures that Vizcaino realized the economical importance of California's lands and seas.

options trading singapore Throughout its history, La Paz has endured numerous conquerors, pirates, missionaries and entrepreneurs, creating a flowery past full of risk, daring and lore. Today, La Paz is bathed by the Sea of Cortez, a name that signifies its historical essence and surrounds a city of unparalleled charm,offering magical sunsets day after day.

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